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Top 5 saddle brands

The saddle market is flooded with saddles brands. These saddles can be either the leather saddles or the synthetic saddles. We strive to provide the best value saddle while still upholding the long lasting standard and product. We are proud to offer you the world best saddles brands.

Our best brands

Our range of Childeric saddles and accessories is designed for all riders. There is a Childeric saddle for all types of horses. Their unique design promotes freedom of movement, support and comfort. By helping you to be in perfect balance, your Childeric saddle allows you to forge a confident, effective and winning couple with your horse. Each saddle is an affordable investment that will last for years. With us your Childeric saddle will be the saddle of your dreams. The Devoucoux brand is also available on our site, they are high-end saddles, made in a workshop by hand, the arcade cannot be adjusted but several sizes are proposed and we will help you to choose the one that corresponds better to horse or pony.

Feeling and connection

Antares Saddles give you more of a feel and connection to your horse. When you ride in them you feel like you are more in sync with the horse, than you would be in other saddles. Don't get me wrong, once you ride in an Antares you don't want to go back. Your leg feel so much tighter and closer to the horse. Wintec was the first saddle to be manufactured from synthetic high-tech materials, having modernized a resolutely traditional industry. Incredibly lightweight, Wintec saddles were of high quality, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colors. you will also find The Butet saddle, which has become a perfect link between the rider and his horse, is the result of 30 years of experience and innovation in his workshops. Quality of materials, innovative techniques.

What your horse needs

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