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Quality saddles

A lot of riders dream of a perfect connexion with their horse, which would enable them to ride bareback, in the more free way possible. However, most of them still have to ride with a saddle. But everybody has not saddle fitter's skills, and finding the perfect saddle for yourself and your for horse is sometimes quite a feat. Thanks to our advice, be sure of choosing the best equipment for your horse.

The importance of an appropriate saddle

It is absolutely essential to have a perfectly appropriate saddle for your horse's morphology: indeed, in spite of his tough appearance, a horse is a delicate creature, with a fragile back you have to take a good care. An inappropriate saddle may wound him, not only on the surface by cause him some cuts or heatings, but also deeper: indeed, if the saddle presses the lumbar vertebras too much or obstructs the motion of his shoulders, it may definitely damage your horses's back. So be sure of choosing a saddle which perfectly suits your mount.

Choose the best saddle

A saddle has to be chosen with the greatest care: indeed you are going to use it for many years, so it vas to respond to a lot of criteria. Firstly it has to have an adjusted size, to not press the lumbar vertebras or obstruct his withers. It also has to let the shoulders free, and the contact with the horse has to be the same everywhere. Your saddle can be made of leather or synthetic, new or used. Its all depends on your budget: for example you have to know that synthetic is cheaper than leather, and that a used leather saddle is as qualitative as a brand new synthetic one. Regarding the brand, you have many options: Eric Thomas, Butet, Devoucoux... And if you want go further, come to discover the antares saddles.

What your horse needs

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