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Make sure safety comes first

The saddle is an important element for the comfort of the rider. It must be chosen according to its use (training, jumping, hiking ...) and the site is there to advise you in choosing your saddle. It offers a wide range of different materials (synthetic or leather) and various sizes of seat and opening at the withers ... the saddles are quality to ensure your comfort and safety. It is therefore perhaps time to equip yourself, to make even more pleasant your escapades in full nataure. Emphasize solidity, comfort, functionality and safety. Check out our entire range of riding equipment at for your safety

Your safety comes first

The site is an expert sign in riding equipment and offers many quality items to ensure safety and well-being, the rider and the horse. For your safety, the site has selected a series of equipment for the protection of the rider, you will find bombs, helmets, vests, but also fluorescent equipment to protect you at night. All security items are sold with European standards, even those with discount and cheap prices. All the riding equipment available on the online site do not hesitate and place your order!

We are at your disposal

The team of the site is at your disposal to advise you in the choice of your equestrian equipment. Feel free to go online to discover all our items, saddles, saddle pads, bombs, boots, chaps, mini chaps, halter, bit, nets and many more. The carpet is an important element for the comfort of the horse in order to limit the friction with the saddle and to absorb moisture related to perspiration. It can be combined with a shock absorber, to better protect the back of your horse. It is important to know that in general the saddle is sold naked, so you must add stirrups, stirrups and straps in addition to your carpet.

What your horse needs

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