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How to ride horses without saddles

To be able to ride a horse, some accessories are necessary in order to be at ease yourself, that the horse is at ease but also so that the activity in question proceeds well. Most of the time, using a saddle is important, but not every time. It may be that the stool is damaged, cut or forgotten in certain situations then the rider is obliged to do without. In addition, the stool is difficult to find a few times so consider another solution would be practical. Is it possible to ride a horse without using a saddle? In witch way ? This is the purpose of this article.

Use the right method

Indeed, there are some methods to mount horses even without saddles since it is not always a pleasure for either the horse or his rider. It is true that having no saddle on the back of his mount has various disadvantages including instability and lack of comfort but in reality, everything depends on the technique. Using fine used saddles is not mandatory. This technique is called "riding on a bareback horse". It is a form of riding based on the balance and coordination of the rider. Most often, a rider rides on a bareback when there is only a short time, given the risk of back pain for the horse and some spinal problems for the rider. Over time, you would understand that this method is rather convenient.

Going bareback is practical

It is true that riding on horseback represents several disadvantages for both the horse and the rider but in the end, it is very practical. In what ? There are several reasons. First of all, this form of riding allows for better communication between the two parties and thus also reinforces the links between them. This method can help reduce some lower back pain. It's also effective when you want to save time. When it comes to ride a few times, a simple net will suffice to avoid wearing too much equipment and loads more. In addition, it allows to better feel the locomotion of his equine partner.

What your horse needs

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