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Ethology to learn your horse to wear a saddle

We can't force a horse to learn our language, but we can learn horses ' language perfectly. All the fans of this horse riding insist on the need to communicate with the horse, to dominate by using softness. So, a couple of minutes are enough to build a relationship of confidence and dominance; the horse feels understood from the first moment in a man's world.

Create a first Communication

Communication is the foundation of everything. You must show the horse, before you teach the task, that dialogue is important. Many horses have yet to experience that people can hear and respond–and in return they can listen.

The different assignments

-To be able to turn, the horse must mobilize his shoulders. Teach the horse to yield to a slight pressure of your hand on its passage of the strap.

-The ​​horse learns to disengage his hindquarters by responding to a constant light pressure.

-Teach the horse how to move easily to one side when exercising slight pressure on his ribs.

The ball on the back

This amity game raises the level of confidence of the horse in the items and motions above him. If a young horse can take a ball from behind, he will likely easily accept the rider.

Shoulder transfer

The horse must mobilize his shoulders to be able to turn. Teach your horse to put a little pressure on his strap on your hand. It helps him to understand the rider's leg's action better. It may become a spin, a shoulder or a pirouette afterwards.

Ready for the next steps

Once all of this is done, your horse is ready for the following phases of ethological breakup–take the sleeve, the saddle and then the rider. Your horse may begin his saddle horse's new life. He likes to work with you now, has opened himself to new experiences and feels talented. It is advised to buy fine used saddles to prepare your horse.

Ethology, what is it ?

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